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The Izuogu Machine - Power Generator without Fuel

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Invention/Technology Overview

The IZUOGU MACHINE, otherwise called the SELF-SUSTAINING EMAGNETODYNAMICS MACHINE, is a kind of electric motor that requires no input power to operate. Instead, it draws atomic energy from the nuclei of permanent magnets. Electric motors work on the principle/law of Michael Faraday/Ampere which states that “Force is exerted on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field”.
The Izuogu Machines work on the basis of the two laws of Emagnetodynamics (The branch of Physics that studies the conversion of the energy of static magnetic fields into work).These laws, the result of 33 years research effort by the inventor, Dr Ezekiel Izuogu, state as follows:
”Force is exerted on a composite magnetic pole in the vicinity of an array of like poles"
This force is in the direction of the composite polarity similar to the array”.
The Izuogu Machine, utilizing the principles of the above two laws need no external energy source to run for upwards of 30 to 40 years and need little or no maintenance whatsoever.
The machines, M-1000 and the M-6000, respectively drive 100 KVA and 5 Mega watt Electric power generators with no noise, no pollution, and zero energy input.
The M-60 prototype machine has been built and demonstrated, while the M-1000 and M-6000 have been designed waiting to be built. The self-sustaining capability is demonstrable and obvious.



Novelty and Benefits

Scientists around the world, have for centuries searched for a machine that will generate (electrical) energy that is clean, cheap and harmless. Scientists have endeavored to accomplish this with nuclear reactors with the attendant dangers. The Izuogu Machine draws energy that is ATOMIC without the dangers and complications of nuclear reactors.
The advantages are immediately obvious. The first manufacturer of the electric power generators driven by this machine gains tremendous edge and mileage over his competitors worldwide. besides, the machine can also power big luxury buses and trams.

Such manufacturers will be guided to manufacture the designs of the 100 KVA and 5 Mega watts generators as prototypes before embarking on mass production. Prototypes for 100 mega watts generators can also be built. The prototype M-60 will also be demonstrated to the satisfaction of their engineers before an agreement can be signed.





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