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Garden Row Maker

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Invention/Technology Overview

Garden Row Maker it attaches to a riding mower or a ATV . The garden row maker takes loose soil that already and tilled and compacts it in to a box row. The dig blades in front can adjust so you can make the garden rows high as you like and the row blade in the back makes your garden rows wide for strawberry's or narrow for corn. The best thing about it is it can be made with steel or plastic or light iron.



Novelty and Benefits

Somebody that doesn't have a lot of money can have a nice garden with no hard work involved and little time. Most of the benefits are no raking or hoeing a garden row and time doing it. Just hook the garden row maker up an adjust the dig blades and adjust the row blade and make the garden you want.No time involved and no hard labor. I've used the garden row maker over 20 times in people gardens and they love it.





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