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Cellavision/View your Applications, MobileTV, Emails, or iPhone/Pad Content on your Flat Screen

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Invention/Technology Overview

Cellavision is designed to allow consumers to more clearly view the information displayed on their cell phones, smart phones, iPhones/iPads, Nook, & other tablet PC's. This innovative product features a small, plastic device resembling a wireless computer mouse. The device can be wirelessly synched to a smart phone/iPad, allowing the contents of the device to be displayed on a television screen. Also included can be a keyboard for easy texting, and a joy stick for playing cell phone games on the television. This product may be beneficial to all consumers who wish to view their smart phone contents in a more comfortable manner as on their Flat Screen TV, and may be particularly beneficial to individuals with vision problems.



Novelty and Benefits

Many people suffer from mild to severe vision problems, preventing them from being able to clearly see small print and images. This can be problematic when smart phones are necessary, as phones have small screens and therefore can only display small print and images. Individuals may strain their eyes trying to view the content displayed on their phones, and may accidentally send incorrect text messages or make phone calls to the wrong people. An effective solution is necessary.

Cellavision provides consumers with an effective and convenient method for clearly viewing the contents of a smart phone.

For the Business traveler, companies can save on their traveling expenses by not having to pay a Hotel to access the internet. Simply pull up your emails on your phone/ iPad, connect the optional keyboard, and complete your work or presentations in style.

A keyboard can be used for texting, and the joystick may allow consumers to play games from their phones which then can be viewed on their Flat Screens.

Additionally, a portable case may be included for optimal transport of the invention, allowing it to be attached to a pocket, and a snapping side pocket for containing the various wireless synching attachments.

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